L.A. Here We Come!

When the weather in the northwest stays gray and cold, it can be a challenge to plan for the coming Spring and Summer collections. At the same time, it can be just what’s needed to get inspired and let creative juices flow.

Our very own, Staci Stevens, heads out to Los Angeles for three days to connect with some of our favorite vendors and meet potential new ones too! She’s got her to-do list ready as she looks for new dresses, denim lines, lifestyle collections and possibly new slogan and printed t-shirts. She’s even got her sights on adding a new collection of outerwear for Fall/Winter 2014!

So stay tuned on Facebook and Twitter as Staci checks in daily and introduces you to some of her favorite product reps!!  She ALSO wants to know what do YOU want to wear? Would you wear a Denim Vest? How about Bold Stripes or Electric Hues? Would you like Mapel to bring in Bermuda Shorts for the summer?

What Spring/Summer 2013 Fashion Trends inspire you that can help inspire Mapel Boutique? Leave your comments below!!

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