L.A. Recap Part 2

We continue our chat with Staci Stevens as she reveals hot trends and new surprises on their way to Mapel Boutique!

What hot new trends are you bringing into Mapel?

Dresses ~ This season, spring and summer dress lengths are extending. What used to be around or above the knee is now below the knee and even mid calf. Maxi skirts, almost hippie era inspired, are back. Long maxi dresses are more popular than ever!!

Cut out detail ~ We are seeing it as a detail along the side of a  dress (chevron cut out) or in sleeves (cold shoulder detail).

Pastels ~ Soft shades of green, pink, yellow and blue are very popular this spring. Think Easter egg inspiration!!

Blank NYC arriving VERY soon!

Leather ~ It’s being used as a trim everywhere! As a sleeve, as an insert on the body, as a collar, it’s everywhere. I’m still not sure how much Mapel will pick up this trend, but none the less it is a hot trend. Mapel will carry one denim jacket with faux leather sleeves this season.

Black and White ~ It’s classic, timeless and currently HUGE! Black and white together in any pattern – stripes, geo’s, etc.

Our fitted tank sweater dress by Niki Biki is a PERFECT example! We love the criss-crossing detail in the back. It’s so flattering and sure to draw compliments!

Are there any secrets you’d like to reveal or give a hint to that Mapel shoppers can’t wait to get their hands on?

My meeting with Michael Stars ran almost four hours as I coordinated a Mapel and Michael Stars event for this spring. We are having an exclusive Michael Stars trunk show!!! Michael Stars will be bringing exclusive product for Mapel customers only! Date TBD.

On my last day I visited L.A. Mart, only the place to go for gift and home accessory products. Mapel will be expanding to include more home and gift items. It’s super exciting to add some of this product to our assortment (as early as this month)!!! These items will be exclusive to our in-store customers only.

These are exciting times for Mapel Boutique! Be sure to follow us on Facebook as we post pictures of new arrivals!

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