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Handful LogoEveryone has a journey and a story to tell. Earlier this week we highlighted the stories of our local designers. One story had us so inspired; we can’t help but share it separately in hopes that it will encourage you to share it with others!

It’s an unfortunate reality that breast cancer has impacted so many lives. If you can name just one person who has had breast cancer – then you have been impacted. Which is why we are so excited about what Handful is doing for the lives of survivors during treatment and their return to good health and fitness.

HandfulAs some may know, mastectomy approved garments and prosthetics are not all comfortable. For the modern active survivor Handful has created an approved mastectomy bra that serves survivors from the post surgical phase, through radiation, reconstruction and the return to wellness. The bra, tank and pads are all billable to insurance under codes L8000, L8015 and L8020! The seamless sides mean no rubbing! The gentle compression allows lymph to flow freely, and it’s moisture wicking during hot flashes. It’s also perfect for those with less range of motion – you can step right in and pull it up like underwear.

1-Cary's Family

Cary with her mom & daughters at Bridgeport Village

So how did Handful become so integral to breast cancer survivors? Cary Goldberg, Handful’s COO, Director of Brand Management & Survivor Relations, is a Breast Cancer Survivor. Her full story is INTENSE and we cannot do it justice by summarizing it into a blog. Like most journeys begin, she never thought this would happen to her. She’s a young, beautiful, healthy wife and mother of two little girls. She was only 33 when she found a lump. Chemo, radiation and multiple surgeries may have left Cary scared, but not broken. She embodies Handful’s moto – hand-ful (noun) – A strong, confident, determined, active, compassionate, and/or adventurous woman. Sense of humor REQUIRED.

Here’s what she had to say about how Handful changed her life:SCARcary

I’ve lost every organ that made me biologically female to cancer’s assault on my body. After five years of living with an unreconstructed chest and finding no mastectomy bra that was comfortable or that would suit my active, mom-on-the-go lifestyle, I was introduced to the Handful Bra by a neighbor. It proved to be a life-changing event. I put on the bra and stuffed three Handful Pads on each side, and suddenly, I felt whole again.

1-CaryTankWhile breasts or lack thereof don’t define me, having something to fill out a top just makes me feel better, look better, and perform better. A good foundation garment also helped my posture, which was slowly collapsing inward as I unconsciously hunched to hide what was missing from my chest. My endocrinologist was shocked to find out I gained a half inch back in height! The only explanation we could come up with for this was six months of consistently wearing and working out in the Handful Bra and noting how it makes me stand up straighter, throw my shoulders back and walk with pride.

I believe in this bra and this women-run company so much that I went to work for Handful, helping to educate the mastectomy market on the need to carry an option for a new generation of modern, active survivors who want to get back to the business of living life to the fullest in a bra that supports women, no matter what life throws their way.

save the ta-tasHandful is also proud to announce a new partnership with save the ta-tas®. They have created a special line of Original Handful Bras which will feature the save the ta-tas® logo to spread awareness about the disease, and remind women to be responsible for their own breast health. A portion of every sale will be donated to the fight against cancer.

Mapel Boutique is very excited to partner with Handful as we bring love and healing into the lives of women. To learn more about how Handful is impacting the lives of young women affected by breast cancer – Visit their website and Like them on Facebook!


One thought on “Handful – Designed With a Purpose

  1. I knew what would be in the story from our conversations, but I didn’t know it would be so beautiful–the layout and photo treatment and of course, your words. Thank you so much for getting the mastectomy side of our story out there so that women can tell their survivor girlfriend about Handful. 1 in 8 of us will be diagnosed, but the good news is that more of us are living, surviving, thriving. Handful will be here to catch you, to be the sports and lifestyle garments that support you. And we promise not to lose the FUN along the way. Cancer sucks, but living can be sweet again❤

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