Orange Box Jewelry


by: Staci Stevens

I was introduced to Orange Box Jewelry about 4 years ago when Mapel was still located in Leavenworth, Washington. A customer came into the store wearing the most striking earrings. The sort of striking that is still appropriate for day wear but catches the attention of those around you. I asked where she got them and she said she bought them at the Fremont Saturday Market (in Seattle). At that moment I knew Mapel had to have this independent designer collection asap. I managed to find OBJ’s info online and connected with the designer and owner Krissy. When I finally got a chance to review her entire collection I found all of her pieces to be as enamoring as that one pair of earrings that initially caught my interest.

As the years have progressed Krissy has evolved her collection, adding seasonal offerings for Mapel Boutique (tortoise cuffs last fall, or velvet ribbon necklaces for the holidays) and doing numerous special orders for our customers. She is a dream to work with and has the best spirit and level or creativity. Mapel loves knowing we are supporting a local designer (make that a successful local designer) while offering one of a kind pieces to our customers.

If you have not already checked out her pieces in store (due to the individuality of her work they are not available via our website). You too will be struck with how enamoring, unique and special her collection is.

Krissy stopped into Mapel earlier this week to show us her new collections. Below are a few pics from her visit.



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