A Handful of Thanks


On March 15th, we posted a blog on Handful’s impact among breast cancer survivors. We could hardly believe the wonderful response. Let’s just say when we typically have 20 people view our blog posts – this one has received 315!! Handful is doing amazing things and we are excited to partner with them!

At Mapel Boutique, we love our customers and hope to give the best individual service possible. It warms our hearts when we hear back from them!

KathyWe received an e-mail from Kathy Kuskie, who had a mastectomy in February. She is a good friend of Mapel’s store manager, Bethany Cibolski. Bethany and her husband gave Kathy a Handful tank top right after her surgery. She loved it so much, the day she found out she would need chemo, she and Bethany had a girls-night-out, and she bought another Handful tank top from Mapel, as well as two Handful bras from our friends next door at Posh Lingerie. When Mapel’s owner Staci Stevens read Kathy’s glowing report about the experience in her Caring Bridge Journal, she gifted her with another Handful tank top!

I can’t tell you how great it was to come to your shop and find clothes that made me feel like a girl again.

Kathy was super impressed and has been very encouraged by the way Mapel and Posh treated her by helping her feel like a woman again after losing part of her body to cancer. Here’s what she had to say:

KathyI’ve gone swimming twice in the last two weeks!  That’s something I thought I wouldn’t be comfortable doing for months, if ever.  I’ve always loved swimming!  But the thought of wearing a swimsuit terrified me.

Thanks to my good friend and now personal shopper (Bethany, can I borrow you again sometime?), I have been able to feel comfortable again. The timing couldn’t have been better—it was right after I learned I need chemo. The oncologist suggested the breast supply store at the hospital. I kindly replied, “Well, actually, I’m just going shopping with a girlfriend tonight.”  The last thing I wanted to do after finding out I need chemo is to go shopping at a hospital store.

Bethany took me to Bridgeport Village, a sweet shopping center in Tigard, to your cute little shop called Mapel where you had a comfy black tank with removable pads by Handful. I put it on and couldn’t believe how comfortable, how even I felt. “Wow,” I said, “I could actually go swimming in this!”

Next, we went two shops down, to Posh Lingerie to pick up a couple of bras, too. They stock bras made also made by Handful. The bras/tanks are pretty amazing. They’re made for normal women, but they’re made with post-mastectomy women in mind, and are covered under insurance as durable medical equipment. Love that!

KathyThe sales people were great and I took a giant leap toward being comfortable in my own skin again. They were gracious to me and turned a dreaded chore of shopping for mastectomy clothes into a fun and normal experience. For that, I am extremely grateful.

The Kuskies on Waterslides wouldn’t have been possible without the help of these great companies.


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