Baby AccessoryMy life has taken an entire 180.





Baby Accessory

My life has taken an entire 180. I knew my life would turn upside down when my baby was born. Everyone (regardless if I knew them or not) made it their “job” to tell me about this drastic life altering change I was about to endure. 



But, if you are a mom you know that all the warnings don’t mean a thing until life with a baby actually happens. Don’t get me wrong- I Love our sweet little lady. She is literally the best thing to ever happen to us. Yet, she is also the most life changing thing to happen.


 Enough babble- let’s get down to the fashion component of this write up. One (of the Many) life adjustments I had to make was my wardrobe. What do I wear with my new “Baby Accessory”? It’s a tough place to be because you have lost a portion of your baby weight but still carry some of the bulk (especially in your mid section) and your chest is…. ginormous (is that a word?) and constantly accessed.


Below is my “must have” list of mommy fashions. These items have enabled me to breastfeed easily, not feel like I still look pregnant and allow me to ease back into my pre baby body without wasting money on items I’ll never wear again. 


ImageAll time favorite item is this button down by Michael Stars (also available in white). It’s not too “fitted” but not too “baggy”- so my after body baby isn’t hanging out (or sucked in). The button down front allows easy breastfeedng access. It’s a cotton knit material so washes well and doesn’t shrink. Love.

Image Next up is a fun “party” top (for all those “parties” I’m going to with my baby accessory).  Well maybe i’m not going to any parties- but I do have some plans that involve more than a grocery store- and for Those occasions I’m wearing this gem of a top. After shedding a baby I want to wear a pop of color- but not have the pop of my belly showing. This “party”  top (Samba Halter) is perfect for just such an occasion. It’s loose and drapey with a fun summer color. It’s easy to feed in by just pulling the armhole aside or the bottom opening up.  This top is also available in a sea foam turquoise shade.



ImageSince we are “in between” weather (some days warm and some days cool with rain) I needed a good over-pinning that was easy to pair with a basic (and not too fitted) t shirt and lends some novelty to my look. Mapel has always and will always carry loose open cardigans (it’s a mapel staple (rhymes)). Our most recent Coral Striped is one of my all time favorites. It has a pop of color but is easily paired with a white tee and jeans without looking complicated.



ImageThis splatter paint kimono is just toooo easy. Easy to wear and easy to breastfeed in. I pair it with a basic white cami and jeans. Again- it has a much needed pop of color, isn’t fitted around my post baby belly and I know in the later summer months i’ll still be wearing this top with some cute white jeans!!!! Easy.


ImageNext up is what to pair all of these cute tops with. Argghghghghg….. Well I want to wear jeans but I don’t want to feel like i’m falling out of them- or falling over them. Well I’ve got just the pair!!!! I sized up in our Slim Cigarette Rinse and Love Them. They have a slightly higher waist so I don’t feel like i’m falling out of them- but not so high that I can’t comfortably sit or bend down. I can give them a “summer capri” look by rolling them up at the hem- or keep them rolled down with tennie’s. They amazingly have just enough stretch to fit comfortably- but they don’t loose their shape. Voila!



ImageImageOther must have easy items would be the bootcut active or straight leg active pants. These don’t need any explanation.

ImageImageI’ve also been wearing the niki biki tanks non stop (mostly at home since they are fitted). They have enough durability to keep you feeling comfortable sans bra. Easy access for breastfeeding and again fun colors to keep things cheerful.

Last but not least- I scheduled an appointment with my hair stylist and mapel’s long standing associate Holly. She specializes in house calls- so after being home with the baby for less than a week she came over and gave me a new “do”. Nothing drastic – but something new and mommy friendly. 

So with the assistance of my new Mapel wardrobe and hair style i’m ready to adorn my new “baby accessory” this season (and for many many seasons to follow).


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