Wearing Stripes after 40!!


Yes to Stripes! Yes to the big 4-0!
Yes to looking great!

Mapel just started carrying designer Nadia Tarr and her summer dresses are AmAzInG!!!

2 of my must haves for this summer are the Little Striped Wrap Gown and Lolita Big French Stripe Maxi -why you ask?

  • Vertical Stripes – can’t go wrong on must women
  • Luxurious Fabrics – the soft cotton is smooth as a babies skin
  • Beautiful Drape – can tell it’s a quality dress
  • Zillion ways to wear her Wrap Gown Dress – backless, complete wrap, criss-cross, etc.
  • Did I mention stripes?

Stripes are soo in this season and many women wonder how to wear them. So I picked a few pointers from fashion writer Cristina Bolling’s article “Fashion between the lines” of the Charlotte Observer.

Fashion between the lines

  • Dressing in stripes can be a great way to draw attention to your best assets and downplay your trouble spots.
  • Vertical striped pants or a skirt add length.
  • Consider stripes your statement piece. Stripes, especially in bold colors or broad widths, command attention.
  • Don’t forget accessories. A striped canvas tote, striped flats or a gauzy scarf in a striped pattern can be the perfect way to pick up the trend without going all-in.

Article by Cristina Bolling — cbolling@charlotteobserver.com

See more STRIPES by Michael Stars, YettsVeronica M and many more at Mapel Boutique.



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