Behind the Seams

Fitting Room

Like many small businesses, if you’re a repeat customer to Mapel Boutique, you’re familiar with the smiling faces of our stylists. What you might not realize is that a few of them have been with Mapel for years and wear many hats! We sat down with three of these ladies to know a bit more about who they are and how they got connected with Mapel!

BethanyBethany is our Store Manager. She’s been with Mapel Boutique just over two years now.

What made you apply? Or how did you know about Mapel before working here? – Staci asked me. We grew up together and she knew how much I love fashion. She contacted me when she needed my help after Mapel relocated and got set up in Bridgeport Village. I love small businesses and working with friends is so much fun!

Do you have any other hobbies or interests? – I’m a trained opera singer and I sing for a lot of weddings. So I love when brides and their friends come into Mapel looking for something fun to wear to all the events surrounding the big day. I’ve seen a lot of different weddings over the years and love all the creative options available now.

dolmanVM maxiWhat’s your FAVORITE MUST HAVE from Mapel that everyone should own? – It’s a tossup between either a Michael Stars Dolman tee or a maxi dress by Veronica M!


Maizy is our Public Relations and Personal Stylist on staff, and has also worked with Mapel just over two years.

What made you apply? – I had just moved here from Atlanta and the store reminded me of one of my favorites back home. Staci and I talked and she said she was hiring. I walked out of the store with a start date for the following week! I love to work at Mapel because Staci is incredibly flexible with my “mother” schedule. She treats her staff like her best friends!

Do you have any other hobbies – especially fashion related that may help you as a stylist? – I love bargain shopping. If I find a good deal, I’ll text my friends to see if they want me to buy something for them. I’m addicted to shopping. My girls tease me saying I’m going to die if I can’t shop.

What’s your Mapel MUST HAVE that everyone should own? Veronica M Maxi Dresses! They’re perfect for traveling and don’t wrinkle! Joe’s Jeans are also great for tall girls like me! I’m 5’9″! [when she’s not wearing heels!]

VM maxi2 joes

HollyHolly is our Merchandising Manager.

How long have you worked for Mapel?  Since Staci opened in Bridgeport Village. I was her only employee for months. We’ve been best friends since high school and I was happy to jump right in!

What do you do as Merchandiser? I create the window displays, dress the mannequins, and create the signs around the store. Pretty much what you see I’ve helped display.

hollyOutside of Mapel, do you have any interests or hobbies? – My background is in hair and makeup. I’ve done several fashion shows, and recently worked for three months on the movie set for an independent film – The Lilac Chaser.

So – What’s your favorite Mapel Must Have? – Veronica M Dresses! I also LOVE LOVE LOVE 7’s High Waist Skinny!! Totally 70’s retro feel without being creepy mom-jeans. They cover the muffin-top!

VM maxi3 skinny

Now that you can put a name with these smiling faces of Mapel, next time you come in feel free to ask them to share more about their story while trying on a Veronica M Maxi!


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