On the Road Again!

Being a new mom hasn’t slowed down Mapel Boutique’s owner Staci Stevens! It’s amazing what she can accomplish in one day! If you didn’t catch it all on Facebook – here’s a quick recap of her Instagram 24-hour buying trip to L.A.


Late night prep for my whirlwind LA buying trip. It will be a long, productive and inspiring day. Excited to check out fall & holiday product!!!


The hardest part about leaving for this buying trip is saying good bye to my little lady (but at least I’ll be back the same night!).


Barely made it in time to PDX and through security onto my flight! Had to make a quick detour to the gas station, then got stuck behind four high school lacrosse teams in the security line! Phew!


First stop was visiting our good friends at BB Dakota! We asked our friends on Facebook what they thought of this puffy coat for the fall. Thanks to the many NAY responses – we decided not to order it this time around. It’s important to us to only bring in product that our Mapel ladies want to wear!!


LOVE LOVE LOVE the metallics from BB Dakota for the coming Holiday Season!!! Too much to choose from!!!

From BB Dakota – I paid a visit to Tulle! So much to choose from – I want it all in my closet!


Whether you’re a Beaver or a Duck – These are the perfect outerwear for this year’s Civil War!


I thought this was such a sweet transitional piece – and our Facebook friends agreed! You’ll be seeing this one for sure arriving in time for fall!


I couldn’t resist! – Picked up these two “Gotta have it Now” dresses! The Red is BB Dakota and the Green is from Tulle. They will BOTH arrive to Mapel Boutique next week!!!!!


One final stop – Get excited!!! NEW ‘Locker Room Pullover’ from Alternative Apparel – Arriving VERY SOON!!)


Home! Long day. Great trip! Smooth commute home catching an earlier flight. Just in time to put baby down for the night!

Be sure to follow more on Instagram and Facebook as Staci shares about her recent meeting at Michael Stars, and reveals which Denim Line is coming to Mapel Boutique!

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