Maizy & Staci – Making dreams come true @MAGIC MARKET WEEK

Maizy & Staci - Making dreams come true @MAGIC MARKET WEEK


This last week I had the great opportunity of accompanying Staci Stevens, owner of Mapel Boutique, to MAGIC MARKET WEEK in Las Vegas. OMG!! AmaZing!


Think about a candy store with all the bright colors, amazing choices of chocolates, sweets, sours, licorice, gums, jelly bellies, rock candy, caramel, fudge…now think miles of vendors showing the latests styles, colors, cuts, fabrics, trend boards, catwalks, bright lights, loud music, high heeled women, candy dishes, chandeliers, street style, spread out between the Las Vegas Convention Center and Mandalay Bay Convention Center.

Tens of thousands of attendees from over 80 countries (yes, we had some language barriers) meet/shop more than 5,000 emerging-to-established brands (a closet of happiness).

Average of nearly $200 million in per-day order volume (yes, you read that correctly & no, we didn’t write orders for $200 million).

More business is done at MAGIC than any other fashion retail trade event (Mapel traveled thousands of miles to source the best for you)!

Staci & Sourcing-

It’s been a dream of Staci’s to launch her own private label so we headed to the Sourcing tents to learn more.

My understanding of Sourcing: go to the sourcing area; locate a fabric supplier, a production shop and a label company. It sounded so straight forward and easy.

How wrong I was! First, we had to decide how we wanted to search source exhibitors: by country of origin (row after row after row from around the world) or by category (easier but still endless choices).

We decided to narrow our search by selecting origin – United States (31 exhibitors) vs. China (898 exhibitors). It’s important to us to source in the USA because not only are we helping ourselves, we’re helping the American economy by keeping manufacturing jobs in the US.

We interviewed several suppliers and Staci has a tentative plan to visit some CA businesses. We’ll update you on the progress of Staci’s private label journey.


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