The Magic of Windows – how many people does it take to hang a raindrop?

Image 1

ShedRain Umbrellas on display & for sale – $38 each

As a shopper – typically what gets you inside a store is whatever catches your eye in the window. Or perhaps going “window shopping” will help guide you into a store on a return trip. Have you ever stopped to wonder about the magic that happens behind creating a window display?

Unlike most store windows, Mapel Boutique sells not only the clothing on the mannequins but also the items on display (available in-store only). Whether a hanging air garden in the summer or lighted wreaths in the winter, our intent is to feature product from local vendors. Autumn is one of our favorite seasons in Portland! For our Fall 2013 display, we are featuring Royal Blue and Red umbrellas from ShedRain, a local company to Portland for the last 65 years.

For this project, Mapel Boutique commissioned local artist Matt Bolt to collaborate with our vision for umbrellas and raindrops! Matt’s work typically plays with portraits and light boxes as well as furniture design – so we were thrilled that he was open to partner with our merchandising queen, Holly Seim, on this project.

The original plan was to hang paper drops along with the umbrellas. Matt’s modification to make wooden drops made all the difference! The process took an entire day. Cutting, staining, hanging – who knew Mapel Boutique could be turned into a workbench! There was a slight setback when the first materials purchased kept splintering, so back to Home Depot Matt and Holly went! Once each drop was prepped and ready – Matt and Holly worked into the night hanging each umbrella and drop with precision.

We LOVE how it all came together and can’t wait for you to see for yourself! Come in and get yourself a ShedRain umbrella just in time for the Oregon rain!


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