Magic Market Week Spring Summer Buying Trip

2blog& Just like that Mapel is off to market week once again. Maizy and Staci will be submerged in a convention center sea of fashion (jealous!). They will navigate their way through current mapel lines and source the floor for new collections.

What is on Mapel’s radar for this upcoming spring and summer season?

a. #1 Dresses!!!!

b. #2 Color!!!!

c. #3 Boutique offerings (collections that are not available at the big box stores)

We quizzed Staci prior to leaving to find out what trends are on her radar for Mapel. In customary “Staci” form we got bullet points with vague interpretations (you know she does this on purpose to build excitement for in store deliveries?).

*Continue of 20’s inspired dressing. Less shape – more “jazz” (embellishment)

*White! Dresses, Skirts, Tops. Clean & Simple White

*Full skirt. The “midi” pencil has transitioned into a full circle skirt “at least” to your knee

*Novelty Tops!!! Printed,Textured, Super hero themed!!! The more novel the more on trend!

*Off Shoulder dresses and tops

*Colors are a mix of soft pastels and bold brights – anything goes

*Fall’s menswear theme is transformed into less structured blazers as over pinnings.

So now that we are all feeling royally depressed we can’t go shop market week and check out next seasons trends Right Now!!!! But never fear…. in standard Mapel style we’ve found a way to incorporate YOU into the buying extravaganza.

This season Maizy and Staci will be giving away items right off the buying floor. That’s right…. they will offer up a few give away items from their buying trip!!!

They will be also be taking votes on what styles they should come home with. You be the “buyer” and decide what styles Mapel will have in store this spring and summer!!!

Lastly they will be offering us first look and first dibs on select items during their buy meetings. For the first time ever Mapel will be sharing with us a few of their buying choices before they hit the sales floor and offering it for early purchase via our social media.

So… if you don’t want to miss out on all this excitement follow Mapel on FacebookInstagram starting February 17th for first glimpse of spring and summer product, give aways, mapel buying rights and the opportunity for early purchase on select pieces.

Bring on the Spring & Summer Trends!!!!

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