What’s more exciting than finding the perfect dress?

Let’s face it, finding the perfect dress is a feat in itself.

At Mapel, we hear the mumbles and grumbles from customers all the time:

“I want a dress to wear to a wedding…but I don’t want to pay an arm and a leg for it.”
“I can’t justify buying a dress I’ll wear just once, but I want something new.”
“I’m a bride who has bridesmaids of all different sizes and I need to find a dress that compliments each girl, and a dress that she’ll wear more than just to my wedding.”

Mapel’s got the perfect solution to cure your dress buying blues!

The new “Infinity Wrap Dress,” available in numerous eye-catching colors and sheens, can be worn in a variety of ways; it’s the one dress for every need!  The free-flowing floor-length skirt is comfortable and flattering, and the super long straps allow for each girl to obtain her ideal look, from strapless to cap sleeve!

And what’s more exciting than finding the perfect, multi-purpose, fun, flirty, and oh so fabulous dress?  Not breaking the bank to buy it!  At only $68, this dress is flying off the racks; try yours on today!  infinity


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