Change is good…and so is our new Fall merchandise!

Mapel Boutique owner Staci approached me a couple months back asking if I’d be interesting in blogging on our store website about ‘anything fashion.’ I love fashion, and writing’s not so bad either, so away I went…

Unfortunately, I unexpectedly found myself challenged with every attempt at a blog entry. I would sit at my computer toying excessively with grammar, worrying about the way each and every sentence sounded, unable to get what I wanted to say out in writing.  Thankfully though, I pinpointed exactly what was going wrong: I was worrying too much about the details, trying to make things too perfect; I wasn’t connecting with my audience of awesome Mapel shoppers!

I’m excited to change things up by blogging on the fashion things I care about: current trends, creating a certain ‘look,” apparel and accessory must haves, and most importantly, what’s new/going on at Mapel!

As you know, Mapel is a pretty amazing place. There’s always a friendly face to greet you and new treasures to discover upon each visit. Speaking of, it’s officially Fall, and I’m LOVING the oodles of new merchandise arriving at the store. I know it’s been 90 degrees and crazy sunny this October, but we all know that this soon will change. Now is the time to stock up on Fall, and Mapel has some fabulous new scarfs, dresses, sweaters, and handbags worth drooling over! And while we’re talking about “new,” rumor has it that Mapel will be releasing a new shipment of denim in the very near future!

Here’s one of my personal Fall favorites, a comfy 3/4 sleeve Neesha dress that’s super slimming AND versatile! I know stripes can sometimes scare we women, but trust me when I say this dress looks good on nearly everyone! Maybe it’s the spandex, or the strategic contouring of the stripes…but whatever it is, it works!


This $68 dress gets you the perfect outfit for work (just pair it with heels and a black blazer), or even a casual weekend look (consider layering it with a denim jacket, tights, and a pair of flats…or cowboy boots for some added sass)! With three color options to choose from, this dress is a must-see; come shop with us before they’re gone!


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