The Bachelor: for the love of fashion (and maybe some drama too)!

Please admit to me that you, too, are a fan of ABC’s population show TV matchmaking show, The Bachelor.  Sure, the majority of engagements fizzle just months after the season finale, and the drama can sometimes get out of hand…but the overall premise is entertaining, right?!

I’ve got to admit that part of my love for The Bachelor stems from the fact that I could never see myself partaking in such a dating fury. I also not-so-secretly love admiring the fashion, glitz, and glamor involved behind each date, cocktail party, and rose ceremony.  I look forward to the fashion and admire how each woman’s personality is so vividly depicted through her personal style choices.

Although contestant Britt Nilsson didn’t snag the final rose this season (or even end up in Chris’ top 3 picks), she DID land herself a spot as the next Bachelorette.

Bachelor fans raved of her beauty and spoke heavily of her unique (and sometimes quirky) style choices.
She was the contestant who wore the bright lipstick…the red Converse Allstar sneakers…the blue spike earrings, no matter the outfit.

She had a signature look.  And I liked it.  Recognize these?

Mapel recently started carrying local artist Delsa Brass’ spike earrings (and necklaces) and I can’t help but notice the striking resemblance between Delsa Brass’ creations and the ones Britt sported nearly every episode this past season!
Isn’t it fun how one fashion “look” can give you a name? What one trend or look defines your trademark style?


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