Spring Summer 2016 Trend Report

I love lady like dressing. Flowy gossamer materials, lingerie slinky dresses and subtle hints of skin (shoulders!)…. and that’s what this spring summer is all about. Beautiful, feminine true ladylike dressing. Seen through trends inspired by lingerie, bouquets of florals and brazen Spanish inspired dressing!!!!

Don’t worry… you don’t have to toss your 70’s inspired crop tops, bell bottoms or athletic inspired styles. The emergence of lady dressing is subtle and also appears alongside transitional trends that continue from last year.

Spring and Summer 2016 trends were a collaborative mix that crossed over and cocktailed together. It wasn’t uncommon for two trends to be represented in one look- which means these trends can easily translate into our (yes…. the average person’s) wardrobe. Let’s dig in.

In the Bedroom Eyes
Lingerie inspiration. Silk, sateen, slinky. slip dress. bit of lace, gathers, delicate ruffles,  rushing.
Brazen Stripes
Be Bold Stripes. a graphic tale of bold, unexpected color & loud stripes. 
Spanish influence. Think flaminco, ruffles, off or bare shoulder. OR even bolder wear shocking red
It’s the Bomb
Bomber Jacket. Part of the team. Cropped. Voluminous. sporty vibe.
Return of the Romantics
Victorian and romantic influence. soft and sweet feminine dressing. fair colors, feathers, ruffles, pastels, chiffon, shear, gossamer fabrics. puffy sleeves.
Bouquet Dressing
English Garden Florals.  ladylike patterns, Victorian influence. pleated prints. 
Still Relevant
70s inspiration translates to suede and fringe. 
Lighter Side of Denim
Lightweight denim. chambray. 
dark_denim (1)
Roll off Your Shoulder
Off Shoulder Appeal. Bare shoulders, revealed shoulders, peek a boo shoulders.show em’


What does all this mean for “us”. Obvi’ we are not going to be cruising to a summer picnic in one of these over exaggerated looks. We can however pull influence from these key trends. Plan on dresses that are draped and lightweight (rather than structured and sheath like). It’s ok to dust off some of your overly floral pieces- and maybe even pair them with another pattern. Best of all… stripes have no rules. Various color patterns and directions of stripes are appropriate.

This season denim takes a lighter note and can be worn in chambray form (if you haven’t already tried chambray – you will LOVE… it’s the lightest and softest form of denim). Lastly for those of us that are hesitant to show “too much leg” or don’t want to wear anything too tight…. you can show ’em some shoulder instead. It’s an easy way to bare some skin and not give it a second thought.  Ole’



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