And now…the Class of 2016!



Its that time again, graduation season is upon us! (Cue the Vitamin C “Graduation” song).

High school seniors leave behind 4 wonderful years and embark on a new chapter in life and college graduates make their way into the wide world, hoping to fulfill their life long dreams and aspirations and make the world a better place one day at a time.

Being neither a high school senior or college student (as of three years ago) my biggest concern this season is – “What am I going to wear to all of these grad parties?!”

Well fear not- Mapel has got you covered with dresses for all occasions! Super sleek, form fitted, feminine and flowy, long and silky, or fun and flirty! Whatever your mood is this graduation season, we have a dress for you.

Bold floral prints and bright colors are really big this time of year. Take a step outside of your comfort zone and try something new! Beat the heat during outdoor grad ceremonies with a shorter flirty dress and a pair of killer (yet comfortable) heels- or feel elegant in a maxi dress with a pair of great wedges. Let’s be honest, you’re going to be taking tons of photos this day with everyone in the family, so footwear is essential that it is equal parts comfort and style. So don’t stress if you nix the heels for a great pair of sandals or a ballet flat. You go girl!

Keep jewelry chic and simple if opting for a bolder, brighter dress. Let the dress do all the talking. If you want to keep things classic, then spice it up with jewelry that makes a statement and lets your personality shine through! This is your day!

Michael Stars, Yumi Kim, Black Swan, BB Dakota and Neesha are some of our great designers to name a few featured below offering great dresses for this Spring/Summer 2016.

Whether you are a graduate yourself, or there to be the cheering section for your special someone, we want to help you make a statement during one of the greatest moments in life and help you create the perfect celebratory look! Come see us today or visit us online!

And as always, stay stylish out there!



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