…we all scream for SUMMER!

You know the song, “I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!”…I thought I’d change it up a bit. Because while ice cream is always something to get excited about, it never tastes quite as sweet as it does in the summertime!

Also…where did the time go?! It’s already the last day of May. There’s not much to be complaining about though, that means June is basically here which everyone knows by law when June starts…it’s officially SUMMER!!!

Kids are out of school (that one may be a blessing and a curse) the days get warmer, the lake gets cooler, and the sweet smell of summer is upon us.

When planning for your summer vacay’s all around the world, or just to your backyard with a glass of wine, make sure you are packing the right stuff! Let’s get back to the basics- here are some of the essential items of clothing you better be packing to get you through all that summer has to offer!

The Ultimate Tee


Everyone needs to have that t-shirt that is their “go-to”. You know the one, its been worn so many times it just feels like a hug when you put it on. It’s like your best friend, and you feel great when you’re together. If you are longing to find that shirt, look no further.  Z Supply has created the ultimate t-shirt. Dress it up, keep it casual. Don’t go anywhere without a great t-shirt in your bag. Shop our endless colors and styles!

Short and Simple

Give a girl a great pair of shorts and she can conquer the world…or so I think. Camping, family bbq’s, baseball games, a day out shopping with friends, boating, I could keep going but you catch my drift. Make sure to pack a great pair of shorts that make you feel fabulous! Theres just about nothing you can’t do in a pair of shorts, so all of your summer festivities will be shorts appropriate. Our Flying Monkey brand has come out with some great shorts for this season. They may be a little distressed but they are also a lotta cute.

Make a Statement

Graphic t’s are a great and easy way to spice up your shirt game and add a little flare and fun to your summer wardrobe! Graphic t’s pair well with shorts, skinny jeans, boyfriend jeans, maxi skirts, pencil skirts, blazers etc. The combinations are limitless. Whether you want one or hundreds of graphic t’s- its a must have for this summer. Theres one for every person/style. Let’s make a statement this summer!

Dress is Up

Whether you prefer above the knee, right below the knee or maxi, every woman needs to have that special dress on deck ready to go this summer! With all the weddings, parties, date nights and events going on, be sure to look and feel your best. No need to stress over what dress you are going to wear. Z Supply, Michael Stars and Veronica M have some feminine and classy dresses fit for every occasion! Don’t be caught leaving town without one of these packed away.

Summer 2016 is here! Be sure to get all of your basic fashion necessities in order and go out and have some seriously stylish fun in the sun!


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