Fresh Farmstead Flannel!

*Item of the Week*

A fresh batch of vintage Farmstead Flannels have hit the floor at Mapel Boutique and we are so excited to replenish our flannel family! Flannel season is truly one of the happiest times of the year and we are so happy to share about one of our must-haves this Fall!


Farmstead flannels are made from vintage flannel and are each *one of a kind*!

No two patterns are alike and even sizes vary a bit (ex. some smalls may fit a little different then other smalls) which is way cool depending on what look you are going for. They are a perfect layering piece for fall. Cute over sweaters, thermals, t shirts etc.

You can NEVER have too many flannels for Fall and if you are looking for something unique and truly “flannel” then Farmstead is where its at!


Channel your inner 90’s self and rock some flannel this Fall! They look great on every body type and theres so many styles and colors out there- you are sure to find one that makes your heart skip a beat. (Unless thats just me)

Prepare your fall wardrobe now and make sure you have the staple must-have pieces this season!

Come in and see us OR shop online OR do both 🙂


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