Fabulous Fall MUST Have!

Fall is in full swing which means bring out your comfy sweaters from the back of the closet, dust off your favorite booties, organize all of your flannels by color and be prepared for pumpkin spice EVERYTHING.

I mean- I’m not complaining.

Fall has got to be my favorite fashion season- and for good reason. The clothes get comfier, layering has now become a fashion rule to live by, flannel is now apart of my daily life and wrapping up in the perfect cardigan on a crisp fall day has got to be one of life’s greatest joys.

Ladies, we have got the perfect cardigan for you this Fall. Don’t be caught at the bus stop, the grocery store, out to brunch, or on a date night without it!

Love Stitch Fringe Cardigans need to be a Fall staple in your wardrobe this season. They feel like so soft to the touch and creates a luxurious draped look that goes well with just about anything. They come in all colors and can by styled a variety of ways. Keep it open for a relaxed look or wrap it up for a fun and easy style that looks great on everyone!

Ideal for traveling, shopping dates with your girlfriends, a day full of errands, a cozy night in, or a day of volunteering at your child’s school- there’s just about nothing a Love Stitch cardigan wouldn’t look great for!

 Look effortlessly chic wrapped in this buttery soft fringed detail shawl sweater!

Appropriate for all ages- and bonus- these make GREAT gifts for your friends!

Come get yours today!!

Come in and see for yourself how wonderful this cardigan really is and ask yourself how you ever lived without one!

OR visit us online at mapelboutique.com and browse through our wonderful selection of cardigans.


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