Love is in the air…


Valentines Day is in full swing and if you’re like me you are already prepping and planning out your outfit a week in advance!!

I just can’t get a good nights sleep otherwise. (Honesty time)

Do I wanna go casual? Dressy? Classic colors scheme? Red or Pink? OR do I want to go a non-traditional route and wear whatever the heck I want?!

Who says there’s rules to V-Day anyways?!

I think a really cute and easy way to go the “non-traditional” route is to do it with stripes! A classic black and white striped top with some pops of red or pink or whatever color your heart desires this Valentines Day makes for a great outfit you can feel fabulous in. Picking a fun floral pattern is cool too. Every girls wants flowers on Valentines, maybe you can just decide to wear yours.

BUT then again who doesn’t want to romp around in a great t-shirt with a huge heart on it?! Its like the one day a year you can get away with wearing “cheesy” “lovey” clothes and no one looks at you weird for doing it.

Now honestly…I have the striped top with the red heart and I am fully planning on wearing it more then one day out of the year because I can and it’s cute!! (Honesty time again…)

A super fun, casual yet colorful top paired with your favorite jeans is a great date night outfit! If you like to keep it low key on Valentines, then don’t feel like you have to go all out. The more comfortable you feel- the better you’ll look!

Just being yourself is the best way to look!


If you want to paint the town red and show some leg, more power to you girl! A dress is the way to go! Red is the color of romance so the perfect red dress could be that ideal look you’re going for.

Don’t feel like its the only way to go- a great printed dress is just as fun- double and- don’t feel like you have to stick to reds and pinks. This cold should Velvet Black Veronica M dress is just a sexy as a little red dress.

Give em’ the cold shoulder! (But not really- if you’re on a date you probably like them)


Whether you want to dress it up or keep it easy breezy casual this Valentines Day- have fun doing it!

Whether you’re dressing up for that special someone or a night out with your best girls- HAVE FUN!